Membership plans are available in these categories: Bronze , Silver , Gold  and Platinum Membership


Basic Plan
0.00 Monthly
  • Number of Listings: Up to 5
  • Visibility: Standard
  • Customer Support: Basic
  • Marketing Features: Limited


Standard Plan
2,000 Monthly
  • Number of Listings: Up to 20
  • Visibility: Enhanced
  • Analytics: Basic
  • Customer Support: Standard
  • Marketing Features: Standard
80% off


Premium plan
3,800 Monthly
  • Number of Listings: Up to 50
  • Visibility: Priority
  • Analytics: Advanced
  • Featured Listings: Included
  • Customer Support: Dedicated
80% off


Enterprise Plan
6,000 Monthly
  • Number of Listings: Unlimited
  • Visibility: Top-tier
  • Analytics: Comprehensive
  • Customer Support: Priority
  • Premium Featured Listings: Included
  • Exclusive Promotions: Included
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Included
80% off

Marketing Features:

  1. Standard Marketing (Silver):
  • Featured Listings: Your products get highlighted in relevant search results.
  • Promotional Banners: weekly promotion of your products on the homepage.

     2. Advanced Marketing (Gold):

  • All standard marketing features plus
  • Advanced Analytics: Gain insights into user behavior, product performance, and more
  • Social Media Shares: Share selected products on’s social media
  • Email Campaigns: Occasional inclusion in platform-wide promotional emails

    3.Targeted Marketing Campaigns (Platinum)

  • All advanced marketing features plus
  • Customized PromotionsTailored marketing campaigns for specific products or events


Customer Support:

  1. Basic Support (Bronze):
  • Email Support: Standard response time (48hrs) for general queries.
  • Knowledge Base Access: Access to a self-help resource.


      2.Standard Support ( Silver):

  • Email Support: Standard response time (24hrs) for general queries.
  • Knowledge Base Access: Access to a self-help resource.

     3. Priority Support (Gold):

  • Priority Email Support: Faster response times for inquiries.
  • Live Chat Assistance: Real-time assistance during business hours.
  • Extended Knowledge Base: More in-depth guides and resources.

    4.Dedicated Support (Platinum):

  • Dedicated Account Manager: A designated contact person for personalized assistance.
  • 24/7 Live Chat: Round-the-clock support for urgent matters.
  • Phone Support: Direct access to customer support via phone.


  1. Standard Visibility (Bronze):
  • Search Results: Products appear in standard search results.

       2. Enhanced Visibility (Silver):

  • Search Results: Products appear in standard search results.
  • Category Listings: Listed in relevant categories.

     3. Priority Visibility (Gold) :

  • Featured Product Section: Featured in a dedicated section on the homepage.
  • Priority in Category Listings: Products displayed prominently in category pages.
  • Highlighted Search Results: Enhanced visibility in search results.

    4. Top-tier Visibility (Platinum):

  • Top-Tier Homepage Placement: Featured prominently on the homepage.
  • Priority in Search and Categories: Always at the top of relevant search and category
  • Exclusive Placement: Highlighted as a premium vendor across the platform.


  1. Basic Analytics (Silver):
  • Listing Performance: Insights into views and basic engagement metrics.
  • User Interactions: Basic data on user interactions with products.

     2. Advanced Analytics (Gold) :

  • User Behavior Analytics:Detailed insights into user interactions and behavior.
  • Conversion Tracking: Track conversions and sales performance.
  • Product Performance Metrics: Analyze how each product is performing.

    3. Comprehensive Analytics (Platinum):

  • Advanced User Demographics: Deeper understanding of user demographics.
  • Competitor Analysis: Insights into how your products compare with competitors
  • Custom Reporting: Tailored reports based on specific business needs.
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